Critical Care

Critical Care Medicine relates to the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions.  Physicians with training in Critical Care Medicine are considered intensivists and have experience treating critically ill patients. Patients requiring intensive care services may require support for instability, airway or respiratory compromise, acute renal failure, or the effects of multiple organ failure.  Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, P.C. has 19 providers who are board certified in Critical Care Medicine; providing intensivist and critical care services at seven Memphis area hospitals.  As intensivists, our physicians oversee the many decisions involved in the ICU patient's care, and coordinate other services the patient may need from other specialists.

Hospitals Where We Round

Methodist University Hospital

Dr. Robert Aguillard, Dr. Richard Boswell, Dr. Mathew Mabie, and Dr. Nathan Wilds make up our intensivist team at University Hospital.

Methodist South Hospital

Dr. Syed Junaid Zaidi, Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Paul Deaton, and Dr. James Walker provide intensivist services at Methodist South.

Methodist North Hospital

Dr. Lisa Kennedy and Dr. William S. Richards provide intensivist services at Methodist North.

Methodist Germantown Hospital

Dr. Paul Deaton, Dr. David Munday, and Dr. James Walker provide intensivist services at Methodist Germantown.

Methodist Olive Branch Hospital

Dr. Garrettson Ellis and Dr. Richard Boswell provide intensivist servces at Methodist Olive Branch.

St. Francis Hospital

Dr. Garrettson Elis, Dr. Peter Law, and Dr. Suzette Panton provide intensivist services at St. Francis.  Mo Abdelghani ACNP, Daniel O'Donnell ACNP, Brandon Toney ACNP, and Tiffany Wright ACNP also provide intensivist services in the ICU's 24 hours a day.

Baptist East Hospital

Dr. Roy Fox, Dr. Glenn Williams, and Dr. David Munday provide critical care services to our patients at Baptist East.